About Me

imageI was born aimagend raised in Walpole N.H. It's a small town of about 3000 people in Cheshire county. The youngest of 5 and the runt of the litter. I learned young that in order to get what you want, you can't be afraid to work hard and fight for it.


 Growing up next to Hudsons dairy farm, I started working there doing chores at 9 years old after school for $1.00 an hour. Moving from there to Cabot's dairy farm at 11 years old to make $2.00 an hour and putting in 30 hours a week along with going to school. I moved out on my own at a young age to Charlestown N.H. where I lived and worked on Shumann farm. Then I made a life change at 17 and went to work for Record Concrete in Chester V.T. where I spent the next 16 plus years. This whole time I had a love of weight training and body building as a hobby.


 Life threw me a curve in 2004, as I suffered a work injury that would require me to have major neck/back surgery. After having C-2 C-3  C-3 C-4  C-4 C-5 plated and fused. The end result was I had a 32% impairment do to spinal cord damage. Not being a quitter, and against my Neuro Surgeons and the Spine Centers advice I went back doing what I loved, pouring concrete. As fate would have it, I caused more damage to my neck/back and had a second surgery in December of 07 to have C-5 C-6  C-6 C-7  C-7 T-1 for a total of 2 titanium plates and 14 screws in my upper back and neck.                                                                                                                   image


 Starting life over at 35 with a passion to not only make myself as healthy as I could be, I have now dedicated my life to helping others do the same. Using the knowledge that I learned through ISSA when I became an Elite Trainer, I also have over 22 years of training knowledge that took me from a skinny 118lbs 17 year old kid to a 255lb man. Then, after my surgeries, I fell to a very uncomfortable, out of condition 270lbs with a permanent spinal cord injury. Today I maintain a comfortable weight between 200-215lbs.  Having lived this life of challenges, I feel has given me a tremendous advantage over most trainers, as I understand struggles that a lot of my clients are dealing with. I feel my advice is not just  “out of a text book” advice, but given through my life’s lesions and challenges that I have overcome.  After a few sessions my clients see that I am not like most trainers. This is not a job to me, and I’m not looking to get rich as a trainer. I want to help people, and that will show in your sessions… and your results !