Testimonials part 1

imageI believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped. Simply give me a call, and I'll be happy to connect you with them.

 I first met Dennis in 1992 - I was the trainer, he was the student. At the time I was a successful competitive bodybuilder and educated (degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition) I have watched Dennis grow, literally physically and mentally, and achieve outstanding success. He is an Elite Certified Trainer with ISSA. Most important, he has changed/reversed the roles; I am proud to say Dennis is my (best) friend, coach, trainer and mentor – yes that is right, I look up to Dennis for any/all training & nutrition guidance and support. There is NO ONE BETTER!!

 Scott Defreitas



I have been training with Dennis at Sculpted Physiques for a little over a year, obtaining wonderful results! I/we have met my weight goal, and continue to work on strength, posture, cardio and muscle building....and I have seen so much progress in all areas.

 I am stronger, more energetic and I feel so much better about my body and my health .Dennis is focused, professional and a joy to work with. His knowledge and concern for my well being is amazing.

 The gym is SPOTLESS and filled with many options for the success of his clients. It's never boring and I actually look forward to working out, and working with a trainer who actually gets it!

 Lisa S.




  Training with Dennis I have achieved more results in the past 6  weeks than I did in 2 year on my own! The knowledge and expertise of having  Dennis as my trainer has enabled me to loose fat, gain muscle, and improve my  overall energy. I couldn't be happier and I truly look forward to my workouts as well  as the whole body transformation that is taking place.

 Robin  Trask
Going to Sculpted Physiques brings results well worth the time, effort and commitment.  It is the best insurance policy I could have.  Building core strength has given me more energy and flexibility .  Everything works better.  When in the garden I find tasks that used to leave me sore , do not anymore and the same applies at where I work. 

I began working out in Jan. 2013.  I show up and do what Dennis tells me and the results happen.  I am meeting muscles for the first time in my life, which is awesome.   Dennis has the knowledge and the commitment to help reach goals set and has the patience to help one get them accomplished.   I am a stronger individual physically which contributes to good health and wellbeing.  For this I am a better wife, mother and grandmother (the list goes on).  I made the decision to do this for myself because I want to go into my senior years being the best that I can be for my family.   Thank you Dennis. 

Beverly Lauren


When I began with Dennis I took a HUGE step out of my comfort zone!  I had no balance or coordination.  Dennis is teaching me both. I am learning how to balance all areas of my life. Physical: Workouts are challenging but effective and the diet plan works. Mental:  Stress reliever.  Emotional: Self-confidence.  Spiritual: Serenity.  Sculpted Physiques works on mind, body and spirit.  Dennis is teaching me skills for a healthy and active life.

Deb Epler



 I had recently lost 47 lbs + I was running about 20 mi. /week, so I didn’t really think I needed a personal trainer. It was during my 1st session that I realized that I had been seriously mistaken. I had lower back + neck pain, that weight loss had made everything unattractively loose, + I was not fit as I thought I was. After 2 yrs. w/ Dennis I have been able to maintain my weight loss + my neck/back pain are things of the past. Looking in a mirror is not a dreaded ordeal anymore, and I have to admit that I love my arms! No more jiggle!

I absolutely recommend couples’ training, and I absolutely recommend Dennis Kopacz at Sculpted Physiques! 

In tip top shape,

Pam Laffaye