Testimonials part 2



 After fourteen months with Dennis at Sculpted Physiques, I am in the best shape of my life.  When I started with Dennis, my goal was to be in the best shape possible as I was turning 50.  Now, it is a life choice, to maintain and keep improving on what I have learned from him.   Measurements don't tell all the story, but going from 29% body fat to 16%, and dropping over 25 pounds not only has made me proud of what I have accomplished, but motivated to continue.   Part of my success is the unique program Dennis offers  His ability to see and understand that each person is an individual and has abilities that are different and may not fit the usual "workout routine" is what I admire most. If I am struggling with something, he comes up with a modification or an alternative move that will help me to progress.   Dennis was also able to help me with my diet.  Learning how and when to eat was an area that I had a hard time with.  But when I started to practice his suggestions, the weight did start to come off and my physique changed right along with the weight loss.  Overall, it is one of the best investments I have made for myself

CJ Hofsess



The equipment at Sculpted Physiques is all state of the art and not intimidating to use. I would highly recommend giving Dennis a call if you’re considering beginning a new workout or diet routine.  Don't hesitate to make an immediate difference in your life. 

Rich Geisler – Andover, Vermont


 I lost 25 pounds and built more strength than I thought was possible in the six months I trained at Sculpted Physiques three times a week. Dennis put me on a life-long path to better health that I would not have found on my own.  

Gary Band, Chester